Kids Bedding

Help your little ones drift off into the land of nod with our children’s bedding sets. Bedding is a quick way to add fun and colour to their bedroom. Choose from duvet covers and bed sheets in a selection of vibrant designs that’ll delight little imaginations. Plush pillows complete the picture. Crafted from high-quality cotton, they’ll provide a welcome resting place for sleepy heads at the end of a busy day. So, turn on lamps, cuddle up together and settle down for story time.

Pick from sizes and styles to suit all ages, from babies to older children. Hypoallergenic options will keep sensitive sleepers comfortable, while mattress toppers provide protection against little accidents.

Looking for ideas to make your décor come to life? Try a cartoon-themed bedding set for your mini explorer, or go for a set featuring their favorite comic book character.